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INC Non Profit Lab, our permanent workshop established in 2022 to investigate the context and challenges that the Third Sector must face, returns with a second research project, once again sponsored by Rai for Sustainability – ESG, dedicated to a major contemporary emergency: psychological distress

The Era of Discomfort

The dark sickness of our time: Third’s Sector concerns

Psychological discomfort is growing and affecting increasingly large portions of the Italian population. 

This is a problem in which the pivotal role of the Third Sector emerges in seeking concrete answers to a growing demand for help that has increased exponentially in recent years. But psychological discomfort, to be fully understood, must be observed, analyzed, and then narrated. The second research by INC Non Profit Lab quantifies the phenomenon and tells us that 6 out of 10 Italians feel they have been living with one or more psychological disorders for years. Women suffer more (65%) as well as young people of Generation Z (75%, with peaks of up to 81% in the case of girls). 

The survey shows that the dimensions of the problem are enormous, and that funds, services, and a new sensitivity are needed for the organizations that are in the field every day. With INC Non Profit Lab, the era of discomfort has forcefully entered the agenda of media and institutions, with an event on Rai on the eve of World Mental Health Day. A broad public debate, involving institutions, opinion makers in psychology, communication, and social media, has generated a veritable media wave with over 120 appearances in TV news, radio, newspapers, and digital outlets.

An effort recognized and appreciated by the world of communication, which awarded The Era of Discomfort the silver award in the Non-Profit Campaign category at The PRize 2024.

2023 Research Highlights

INC Non Profit Lab

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