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At INC we celebrate diversity and believe in the shades that make every human being unique. We are proud that 67% of our women has managerial roles, not because it is a trend but rather because it is a sign of our meritocratic approach.

In every project there are cross teams made of professionals who balance out and complement one another; this balance is yet clearly shown by the average age of INCers: around 38 years old. Juniors’ rawness is as important as seniors’ experience because anyone can make the difference. After all, many heads are better than one…and we are 50!



Working is tiring but 
doing it with a smile relieves your day.

Us INCers are a big family, different people with the same passion, curiosity, respect, and inclusion. If there is a problem, it is never really an issue because the solution is hiding in some room; it will come out sooner or later. 
We do not like those who shed light on themselves; when we reach a goal is always thanks to the team. We lose as a team; we win as a team.

If you share our company culture and wish to be part of the team, please write to or check our job offers on LinkedIn.