Our values

Experience, passion and commitment_This is our understanding of professionalism.
Strategic vision_A complete business vision in order to orient communications decisions.
Creativity_Original, innovative and winning ideas, inspired by research and helping achieve objectives.
Flexibility_We are trained to manage change, emergencies and unforeseen events.
Pragmatism_Effectiveness, practically, attentiveness to details and costs, speed.
Results oriented_We agree on objectives first and always measure communications impact.
Transparency_Ethics, trust and clarity in relations with clients, media, suppliers and staff.


For our passion, energy and commitment.
For our strategic vision and the creativity of our solutions.

For a competitive ability to ensure quality and business-oriented results.
For a qualified staff of professionals that always feel like partners.

We are a proactive and determined partner. We offer a strategic business vision, propose creative and innovative solutions, and manage small and large budgets with the same attention to achieving objectives, caring for details, respecting timelines and verifying results.

INC is Assorel Associated  (Italian Association of Public Relations Agencies)
INC Partners are FERPI partners

INC (Eng) – Istituto Nazionale per la comunicazione
Viale Regina Margherita, 290
00161 - Roma
Tel: (+39) 06 4416081
Fax: (+39) 06 44254385
P. IVA 01014351009