Pasquale De Palma

President & CEO


T. +39 06 44160801





“I’m Winston Wolf, I solve problems”. This quote of Harvey Keitel’s character in Pulp Fiction sums up a good half of my time. And I like it.
The other half is what is good about this job of ours, always pushing us to the discovery of new worlds, trying to comprehend their mechanics and rules, and inventing effective ways to tell the world about them. I’ve been doing this for 30 years and I still enjoy it.
Whenever I’m not working, I like to spend time with the ones I love. Then I read (anything), listen to music (Springsteen above all), travel, take pictures, cook, and swim in the greek sea that is my favourite place. When Mou was there I also followed the Inter.

Paolo Mattei

Partner, Vice President


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My woking life is divided into two eras: a before (10 years of cultural journalism and three books), and an after, made of 20 years with INC. With the responsibility of important campaigns that allowed me to grow professionally and to make experience in the food&beverage and social fields in particular. The only downside: spare time, proportionally diminishing as the professional successes continue.

Paola Canali

Partner, Director


T. +39 06 44160830





Representation and communication have been my passion for 20 years. I got started by working in events and editorial projects, now I am a strategic-planning advisor for businesses and corporations working in the Food&Health, Travel&Tourism and Beauty, and also NGOs. Apart for my job, I love everything that one can taste and participate: cinema, theatre, arts, travel… emotion to be lived and shared.

Rosanna Teta

Partner, Director


T. +39 06 44160851





As a freelance and Art Director, for almost 30 years I’ve used lines, forms and colours to trace little and great stories of communication. “Looking forward” is one of my mantras. Ahead, there’s always something worth the effort, and the best way I have to tell that, is through pictures. I always aim at the perfect essence of things, trying not to fall victim of academism.

Francesco Pippi

Partner & Board Member


T. +39 06 44160823
skype francesco.pippi





After 10 years as a journalists I got tired and switched side: not with those publicising anymore, but among those who create the content and the right conditions for others to do so. From the ink to the byte, web to apps, my job is always changing, and that’s a great fortune, and a great passion as well. When I’m not working boredom is not an option, and if the AS Roma wins the match, I’m happy for the week.

Matteo de Angelis

Senior Account and Food Sector Coordinator


T. +39 06 44160834





I’ve always loved telling stories, and I’ve been doing this for a job for 15 years. I talk (and write) to journalists, opinion leaders and bloggers. Be they businesses, people or markets I find a trend, rework the numbers, reveal the twists and bring them to the right desk. My friends describe me as hermetic and moody. I get angry in three and a half languages.

Laura Belviso

Project Manager


T. +39 06 44160836





During my 14 years at INC I’ve designed and managed a number of integrated communication campaigns, with great satisfaction for me and – most importantly – for the clients. I put my creativity and “heart” in everything I do: be it projects, copy, events or social relations. In my parallel life I’m a choreographer and jazz dance teacher and I love being with friends, with food and beer… of course..

Simone Silvi

Senior Account – Corporate/Brand sector Coordinator


T. +39 06 44160881





More than ten years under the spell of communication, I work with institutions and businesses, often peeking out in politics and entertainment. I believe there is no absolute truth, but a multitude of meeting points. For this, I smile and talk with kindness. Travelling whenever I can, photographing (poorly) for a passion of mine, I have a (unrequited) love for basketball.

Francesca De Feo

Corporate Communication & Crisis Management Specialist


T. +39 06 44160855





I understood that communication was going to be my sector since when I was two years old and I was holding relatives and friends hostage telling long stories of unlikely inconveniences incurred during my “long life”. So, I graduated in communication and for over ten years I have been dealing with strategic PR. I find challenging and engaging the process that from a meticulous planning leads to extraordinary campaigns. Fundamental is the team work and the combination of different experiences and mentalities. I have lived in England for a while and I continue to have the suitcase always ready to discover, as soon as I’ve a bit of time, new corners of the world with my fiancé, friends and family.

Angelo Grossi

Consultant Planning Strategico


T. +39 06 44160854



A deegre in International relations and a MBA in Corporate Communications encourage and grow up my curiosity for the communication  and planning of events.
I’m curious and  passionate to the world and his human development with new trend, travel, also daydream, my first big passion.

Rosy Giannella

Digital PR


T. +39 06 44160835





Cilentana (proud) by birth, I moved to Rome to follow my passion: working in the world of communication. I worked for years as a web editor and i had an experience as a social media manager for an Influencer Marketing agency. Now at INC I’m working as Social and Digital PR Expert. Curious, cheerful, warm and makeup addicted … to the point that sooner or later I will become more influential than Clio MakeUp

Annalisa Nenci

Team Assistant


T. +39 06 44160827





I often get asked what my job really is. “I deal with this, that, oh and that as well”. Because, in the end, I always put my main quality into my work: the curiosity. “Curious as a monkey” they say, and 1968, my birth year, was in fact the Year of the Monkey in the chinese calendar. A sage once told me that curiosity makes a person “a smart person”.

Alessandra Dinatolo

Media Relation Consultant


T. +39 06 44160846





After a degree in multimedia publishing, a master’s degree in digital communication, a past as news agencies collaborator and a grueling parenthesis in Milan, I decided to go to rehab, but then I preferred to detoxify in an agency of RP. To get back in tune with the world and my karma, I deal every day with social issues and since I am an empathic person, I vent singing at the top of my lungs in the street, or photographing cracks in the walls, the sea or details for others insignificant. I love writing since I was a child, I have a little dog named after a Smashing Pumpkins’ song and if there is an electronic music festival, I don’t miss it!

Barbara Cimino

Media Relation Senior Consultant


T. +39 06 44160884





Degree in Italian Literature specialising in History of Arts, I’ve always had a passion for social communication, arts, cinema and travel. Passions that I transmitted in my 15 years of PR. At first I dealt with Brand&Corporate communication, then I specialised in fundraising and TV-radio placement, telling the media about a number of initiatives of NGOs.

Claudia Cardilli

Media Relation Specialist

T. +39 06 44160828





Born in Abruzzo, Roman by adoption. Journalist wannabe, I feel more like a newsagent still dreaming of the investigation of her life, something like Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein. After years in the entertainment, from which I inherit a (un)healthy passion for cinema and Tv, I’ve been swimming in the world of Food for a few months now! I love eating, reading Kundera and listening (especially live) to Florence Welch. I like communicative people, especially those who laugh out loud!

Cristina Cappelletti

Team Assistant


T. +39 06 44160840





Very accurate, I’ve been part of the administrative office for 12 years and I get to work with everyone here. My strong point is planning business trips, even in the most difficult situations I find a quick solution. I’ve learnt to manage the stress through yoga and meditation, and in my free time I dedicate to my everyday “panacea”: my daughter Gaia.

Daniele Piazzolla

Digital Specialist

T. +39 064416041




During my University years, I stood up for student rights, I sponsored a Bolivian child and I fell asleep on the train. After a degree in linguistic and intercultural mediation and a sea view life, I attended a master in marketing, communication and digital strategy in Rome and now I’m taking my first steps in the world of digital communication. Between one concert and another, I’m trying to explain to my grandmother what kind of job I’m doing.

Emilio Farina

Media Relation Specialist

T. +39 06 44160839




In love with newspapers since i was a child, thanks to the grandparents’ newsstand, i grew up dreaming to become a journalist. I studied and worked to reach that goal, until being bewitched by the press officer profession. I have a passion for technology, supermarkets and stupid jokes. Especially when i see someone who, in spite of himself, is sniggering.

Giulia Naddeo

Digital Specialist

T. +39 064416081






Sharing stories with passion and creativity is at the heart of my job. The medium for this? That of social networks which are for me, both a source of inspiration and my preferred method of communication. Now happily settled in Rome, I have spent time in Madrid, Barcelona, Paris and Milan and my suitcase knows it: it never stays still for long (pandemics permitting!). In addition to being an inveterate traveller, I am also a convinced bricoleur, a chronic cinephile, an incurable reader and writer…

Ilaria Koeppen

Media Relation Consultant


T. +39 06 44160838


Born from the blend of two worlds, Germany and Italy, I had to learn the art of mediation very soon. Since 2014 I have been dealing with press and media relations with several  fields: from agriculture to exhibitions, from economy to entertainment. Passionate about food and restaurant since I was a child, during the years I have fallen in love with the agricultural sector, and started writing about everything gravitates around it. Loyal and enthusiastic by nature, I believe in teamwork and good performance. I am curious. I love challenges, news, meeting people, discovering different situations and points of view. Peculiarities which make it impossible for me not being in love with this job.

Luca Cipriano

Account Director


T. +39 06 44160850


For over 25 years, communicating has been my profession.
I am a professional journalist and I have worked as much in newspapers, on TV, in the public as in the private sector. For 10 years I ran a public relations agency. I deal with event consultancy, press office, communication projects, adv campaigns. I have a passion for politics.
I led a theater and I chair a music Conservatory. I am meticulous, fussy, perfectionist.
I love beauty, I fight mediocrity.
I eat, travel, lazy, fatten, plan and look forward.
Step by step.

Elena Mastroieni

Media Relation Consultant


T. +39 06 44160843





Contributor journalist, tireless mother of Francesco, I deal with Media Brand Communication. Creative by nature, down to earth for necessity, my stubbornness reflects my southern origins, but I can immediately tell when an idea is better than mine. My friends know they can trust me. Any flaws? I’m a devotee of the “bad teacher” the TV, which is my (in)sane passion.

Francesca Riccardi

Media Relation Consultant


T. +39 06 44160887





Born in 1985, very curious, with a passion for travelling and different cultures, arts and music. After a degree in Foreign Languages and a few experiences as a translator, my sensitivity towards those facing difficult situations and my urge of being useful to the world pushed me to tell the media the work of many NGOs, and the stories of the people that need everyone’s help to survive.

Fulvio D’Andrea

Media Relation Consultant


T. +39 06 44160853





Five-year experience in press office matured in the shadow both of the Duomo and the Colosseum. Among the various jobs, the communication to and through the media of the projects of the big companies, italian and foreign. Ironically enough, I’m a PR who doesn’t like clubs. But I’m not the one to go to for a reduction.

Ilaria Lombardi

Administration and General Affairs Manager


T. +39 06 44160871


Invoices and financial plans are my bread and butter. More than 10 years I’ve worked in accountancy and following the relations with clients and suppliers. Staff management and human resources are also my responsibility. I share my duties and workspace with Margherita, they call us “Sandra e Raimondo” for our “sparky” relationship, but we make up for a good team in the end.


Ivana Calò

Media Relation Consultant


T. +39 06 44160837




Contributor journalist, since 2007 I left behind the experience in journalism to engage with media relations, in music and live show first, and food & beverage then, discovering a new great passion. If I were a claim I would be “Like a Chinese drop, stubborn with verve”. Curious, loyal and naturally sociable, I love challenges, unpredictability and novelty, and that’s why I love this job, which I deal with irony. Great music lover, I’m the unusual synthesis between Lucio Battisti and Depeche Mode.

Livia Restano

Media Relation Specialist

T. +39 06 441608533




100% Roman. During my college years I had many adventures writing about movies for online media, living in Madrid for a year and adopting a dog. I studied, also. After a bachelor’s degree in International Relations, I attended a master’s degree in Communication and New Media then I got a television production internship. My passion for storytelling and events management led me to choose a PR agency career in order to express my creativity. You’ll discover in me a dreamer, clumsy girl as a Wes Anderson movie character.

Luigi Bruzzone

Digital Account Manager

T. +39 06 44160852





I have been dealing with digital contents ever since websites were still in HTML3 and 56K modems were rattling making me want an ADSL line. After a thesis on e-commerce I fell in love with the Internet and started writing for the web and working in digital and social media marketing, first in the company and then in the agency. Once I used to play guitar and go to the gym, now I have fun with theatrical improvisation and keep in shape chasing my 4 year old son. My secret dream is to get R.E.M. back together.

Jennyfer Pileggi

Digital Specialist


T. +39 06 4416081




“Who stops learning , stops living” this is the mantra of my life
I have a Master’s Degree in Marketing and Communication (Rome) and a post-graduate diploma in Digital Marketing (Dublin). I work as web specialist since 2010. I am curious and passionate about environment and sustainability, art, music, literature and history, cinema, travel, languages, walking and cycling.

Mariagrazia Martorana

Media Relation Consultant


T. +39 06 44160864





Sicilian of origins, roman of adoption, I’ve been working in the PR and Media Relation fields for more than 6 years with both agency and business experience. I never give in and I tackle every new challenge with a smile, because it’s the only way to really grow up. The “nerdiest” of all: I love videogames and watching TV series, especially the trashy ones.

Sepastiana Gjoni

Media Relation Consultant


T. +39 4416081





A bit Albanian, a bit Italian; a bit press officer, a bit gastronomic editor… but with one great passion for food. With a degree in Digital Communication and Journalism, I started to write about food and then I entered the world of the press office: today I give food tips to the people and I manage media relations for food&bev companies.
I spend my free time with the people I love or reading a book (always with music in my headphones!) and, when I can, I go to discover traditional dishes all around the world!

Simona Di Crescenzo

Web Content & Writer, Digital PR


T. +39 06 44160844






A passion for contemporary languages, a degree in Italian Literature, I end up working in a communication agency and find out that I like it. Since then I call myself a “communicator in search of an author”. I cook, eat, read, write and I’m always surfing towards the newest web trend. I manage (with veracity) my food blog and collaborate with some culinary webzines.

Simone Ranaldi

Media Relation Consultant


T. +39 06 44160883






My life is split between Rome and Olevano Romano, where I was born. Of my 34 years, 9 I’ve spent writing and chatting about food… my bread and butter. At work I tend to listen and bring out the best from others, which is the best way to improve ourselves. Necessity, rather than inclination, calls for accuracy: details are what make the difference in our field..

Valentina Lorenzoni

Media Relation Consultant


T. +39 06 44160886





Born in 1984, degree in Italian Literature, for 5 years in the Media Relation field. After several experiences in different sectors, from mobile phones to recycling, I finally landed to the food sector for which I fell. What I love the most about this job is the extreme mobility, the creativity, the relationships and the debates. I tackle the stress with a smile and a good dose of pragmatism.

Valentina Spaziani

Media Relation Specialist


T. +39 06 44160831






Mi definiscono un vulcano, di idee, di energia, di creatività. Espansiva per natura, sono tornata a Roma dopo alcuni anni vissuti a Milano. A volte peggio di una radio, mi piace accendere conversazioni con la mia “parlaNtina”. Per l’appunto, amo giocare con le parole.

Valeria Sabato

Media Relation Consultant


T. +39 44160821





I am a professional journalist and expert in PR, media and communication. From an early age, I knew that one day words would become my job. Today my job is my passion: transforming ideas into words, concepts into messages, creating spaces, real or virtual, in which those words and messages can reach the target in the most effective, clear and engaging way.

Pamela Laganà



T. +39 06 44160829


I like to design visual graphics in all its forms, from web to packaging, from apps to press. 

Although I am aware that with my work I can not save the world, at least I try to make it more beautiful! And I love to travel.

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