Barilla is a big multinational corporation and a global excellence in terms of environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility. That is why according to us it was right to tell the stakeholders about both the Balance Sheet and the Sustainability Report all in one time.  


To tranform the traditional meeting to present the Barilla Group annual financial report into an occasion for tell the stakeholders their commitment and the results achieved on sustainability and social responsibility.

Barilla is many things at the same time: a multinational financial and productive subject (29 production sites and almost a 3.4 billion Euros revenues in 2015), and a global excellence in terms of environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Barilla’s efforts are on various levels: from the reformulation of the nutritional values of products to the project for a sustainable agriculture, from the reduction of water usage and gas emissions to establish smart working in its offices. Two faces of the same coin.

Since the beginning, the aim of our communication strategy was to present to the Italian and International media (bloggers and reporters) both the Balance Sheet and the Sustainability Report all in one main event. The reason why was to underline that, according to Barilla, the only way to work is “Good For You, Good For the Planet”, with a focus on both people’s and the planet’s wellness in order for them to grow in volumes, values and sustainability at the same pace.

Our strategy was made up by three moments:

  • In the two weeks prior the presentation of the Barilla Sustainability Report, a media roadshow: press visits and meetings with head editors, deputy editors, editors-in-chief of the most important Italian outlets to submit exclusive editorial angles consistent with the sustainability topic (e.g. Supply chain agreements for a sustainable durum wheat; Smart Working, 20 Years of Barilla in USA; the “Share the Table” project which brought the idea of “conviviality” in the United States; the “Wheat Train” project; 3D printed pasta);
  • On May 26, 2016, the presentation event in Milan in a 100% sustainable location. A set-up with images, videos, numbers and infographics offered media and bloggers an exciting setting consistent with their current way of telling stories through visual processes. Barilla top brasses’ speech was followed by a round table about the future of the Mediterranean Diet with Sole 24 Ore’s journalist Laura Bettini as a moderator and Gianfranco Bologna, (Scientific Director of WWF ITALIA) and Claudio Maffeis (paediatrician and nutritionist) as speakers. Also, there was a live show of the pasta 3D printer, a global exclusive by Barilla. A lunch closed the event and the menu, created by Academia Barilla’s chefs, had a low environmental impact, consistently with the topic of the day. Lastly, the conference was streamed live both in Italian and in English.
  • In the days after the main event, a press tour brought the foreign press in Parma to discover the “Wheat Train” project: a new rail circuit transporting durum wheat to the largest Barilla plant in Parma replaced 3.300 trucks on the roads, reducing the gas emissions of 1.100 tons. Aside from the PR campaign, an infographic summarizing the Sustainability Report was translated in a press release exclusively published by 5 top national newspapers and magazines.

The event was attended by more than 100 stakeholders, including 73 journalists, representing 58 Italian and international magazines 15.

152 articles is the total including:
-16 news agencies
-27 newspapers and periodicals
-12 radio and tv
-90 Italian newspapers online
-7 foreign newspapers online

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